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Bulk Trash (see 2020 Schedule below in attachments)

Pagewood bulk trash is picked up the third full week of each month (see schedule).  You may put city approved items on your sidewalk (do not block full access or place in the street) in front of your unit the Thursday prior.  The city typically picks up early Monday morning.  DO NOT place items on the sides of buildings.  The homeowner is responsible to contact the city regarding missed pick-up.  The city will not pick-up items blocked by vehicles.

What is picked up:
Only items originating from your dwelling, no external waste

Large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves
Furniture, appliances (freon appliances such as refrigerators are not picked up)
Limit of 10 cubic yards

What is NOT picked up:
No new construction or remodeling debris (bricks, concrete, dirt)

No loose trash, tires, electronics, glass, or car parts

please refer to for more information on disposal of other items and cost-plus services

Bulk Trash Pickup June-July 2019

Following the severe tree damage on Sunday, June 9th, the city is asking homeowners to only put out storm-related debris to assist in the timely cleanup.  If you have cardboard boxes, place those in re-cycle.  If you can hold onto items until the July pick-up please do so.

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